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CALL TO ACTION: Save the Tule Lake site

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This is an urgent call to help save historic Tule Lake.

Tule Lake is where more than 24,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned during World War II. The proposed three-mile-long, eight-feet-high, barbed-wire fence would cut off Japanese American access to the site upon which they and their families were incarcerated. They say a fence is necessary to protect the site from wildlife, but birds are the major form of wildlife at the airport and a fence is ineffective in preventing bird strikes.

#SaveTuleLake #SaveTuleLake

We have until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, October 10 to write to Modoc County and tell them we oppose the construction of a three-mile-long fence that will close off an airport that sits on two-thirds of the former concentration camp site.

If built, it will permanently close off access to the barracks area where most people lived. A national civil rights site will be irreparably damaged.

Here’s what you can do to help:

Email Modoc County.

Send a letter to Modoc County.

Tweet, Facebook, Instagram #SaveTuleLake.

Email Your Friends.

These emails and letters will be used to show that the Japanese American community and wider American public care about Tule Lake. Email or mail Mitch Crosby before 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 10 and tell him you oppose the fence.

Subject line should be: TULELAKE AIRPORT PERIMETER FENCE PROJECT. Include your first and last name and address, as your letter won’t be included as part of the official record without that information.

Here’s a sample email:



Dear Mr. Mitch Crosby,

I am writing to urge you not to build the proposed fence around the Tule Lake airport. The plan will destroy the integrity of this historic site, desecrate the memory of those who were unjustly incarcerated there, and prevent the possibility of a respectful and dignified remembrance of a civil rights tragedy.

Please respect the historical, spiritual and national meaning of this unique site in our country’s History.

Please do not build the proposed fence.


Your Name
Street Address, City, State, zipcode

You may also send a hard copy.

Mr. Mitch Crosby
Modoc County Road Commissioner
202 West 4th St.,
Alturas, CA 96101

If you do, please be sure to also CC Tule Lake:

Tule Lake Committee,
PO Box 170141,
San Francisco CA 94117

Thank you for helping to preserve this national site of remembrance.

People will help because they have a personal connection to the issue. Urge your friends to participate by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram #SaveTuleLake.

Sample Tweets:

  • Modoc wants to fence off Japanese Americans from the place where they were wrongly imprisoned. #SaveTuleLake
  • Japanese American #WW2 #history is important. Don’t let Modoc fence out Japanese Americans. #SaveTuleLake

Sample Facebook Post:

  • Modoc County has proposed a 3-mile-long, 8-feet-high, barbed-wire fence that would cut off Japanese American access to the site upon which they and their families were incarcerated. Write to Mitch Crosby BEFORE OCTOBER 10, 2017 at 5PM PST to tell Modoc County this is not all right. Learn more and get a sample letter here: #SaveTuleLake

Sample email:


I urge you to write to Mr. Mitch Crosby, Modoc County Road Commissioner, to urge him not to build the proposed three-mile-long, eight-feet-high, barbed-wire topped fence around the Tule Lake airport. Tule Lake is a site where 24,000 people of Japanese ancestry were wrongfully imprisoned during World War II. This proposed fence is a desecration of American history, and it’s essential that we preserve this site so that future generations do not repeat the mistakes of the past. You can learn more, and get a sample letter here:

Thank you for helping to save Tule Lake.


Your Name